Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Music of Creed Saves Boy from Wolf Attack

Last week, a 13 year-old Norwegian boy named Walter Eikrem was walking home from school in the town of Rakkesad when four wolves crossed his path.  This is the last thing you want to see.
But rather than run away or use his cell phone to call for help, Walter merely unplugged his headphones, turned the volume way up and sprayed the wolves with Creed’s “Overcome” at full blast. (Some reports insist it was Megadeth, but the Creed story is funnier. Let’s go with that.)
The wolves looked at each other—and then just walked away.  They didn’t seemed scared or anything.  It was more like “This kid likes Creed.  Bad taste probably equals tastes bad.”
No comment from Creed.  I wonder if their music works on bears?

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